The Best Briskets in Melbourne

Looking to barbecue or grill a brisket for a special occasion or Sunday dinner? Your best bet is to phone a butcher shop near you and tell them precisely what you want and when you want it.

However, not everyone knows and trusts a butcher shop or a meat department employee. If that’s the case, the internet is on your side! You can discover sustainably produced brisket of various kinds from farmers that know what they’re doing, including first cut, second cut, brisket for corned beef, and more.

So, what exactly is a brisket? Brisket is a piece of beef derived from a cow’s lower breast or pectoral muscles. Because this region has been overworked, it produces a tough piece of meat with a lot of connective tissue. As a result, it’s best suited to a low and slow cooking method.

Brisket is a huge piece of beef, weighing between 10 and 14 pounds for a whole brisket (also known as a “packer brisket”). The “flat,” or “first cut,” is the thinner area, while the “point,” sometimes called the “deckle point” or “second cut,” is the thicker and fatter region of the brisket.

Tips on Buying a Brisket

Decide on the cut

Beef brisket has two cuts separated by fat. In the first cut, one muscle is sliced thinly, making it more expensive. The pointcut is sliced with deckle or fat, and thus more flavorful. But many grew up eating the flat cut. If in doubt, go with the flat cut.

Get the right fit

Brisket is usually cut into two-pound or 14-pound portions. Even for a large dinner party, you probably don’t need that much brisket. A 14-pound brisket feeds 25-30 people, so don’t buy more than you need. A half-pound of brisket per person is a good rule of thumb.

Ignore the marbling

Instead of marbling like a steak, brisket lacks marbling and is, therefore, less flavorful. A single layer of fat often covers the meat, especially the point cut. The inside of the muscle will have some marbling, but you want a deep, rich red color and ‘clean-looking’ fat.

The Best Brisket Brands Available In Melbourne

  • Sher Wagyu
  • John Dee 
  • Five Founders 
  • Cape Grim 
  • Stockyard 
  • Wanderer
  • Bass Strait

Sher Wagyu

Sher Wagyu

In order to build the Sher Wagyu brand, Nick and Vicki have spent decades of their lives traveling the globe, meeting distributors and chefs, attending trade fairs, and teaching customers and consumers about the product. As a result, they have a devoted client base in Australia, which includes restaurants and butcher shops in Melbourne, as well as a network of distributors across the world.

When it comes to the finest Wagyu beef, the Sher family has been producing their own since 1991. These briskets are Sher’s black label product and marble score 8-9+ after being grain-fed for 400+ days on grass and then grain.  In order to better their Wagyu breeding, farming, beef production, and marketing, Nick and Vicki and their crew continue to work hard.

John Dee

john dee porter

Quality, consistency, and service are the foundations of John Dee’s business model. Since the founding by the Hart family in 1939, they have consistently delivered on our promise of quality, consistency, and personal service in the processing of beef. John Dee excels when it comes to quality and cutting specifications.

Five Founders

john dee porter

Five Founders Beef is made entirely of free-roaming cattle that were born and nurtured in the wide, rich grasslands of northern Australia. Natural Five Founders Australian beef is only made from cattle that were born and grown on the wide, rich grasslands of northern Australia. 

The premium brand’s natural flavor is constant, unique, and tasty as a result of this. The distinction can be tasted in every delicious cut of Five Founders Real Australian Cattle, which has been produced over time via our world-leading breeding program, which focuses on producing the highest quality, most sustainable beef.

Cape Grim

Cape Grim has developed a distinct niche in the premium beef industry, supplying grass-fed, mature protein reared in a CSIRO-certified clean environment. In addition to the ‘world’s cleanest’ Tasmanian air, rain and grass, Cape Grim’s premium beef market share is rapidly increasing. A decade after its debut in Australia, Cape Grim Beef is adored by chefs and beef lovers worldwide. You may have a taste of this premium beef by contacting your online butcher shop.

They saw an opportunity to offer a premium, restaurant-grade product with a developed, rich flavor that was lacking in big supermarkets at the time. Cape Grim Meat is a standard brand that sources beef from cattle ranchers around Tasmania, King Island and Flinders Island. Its particular flavor, purity, and consistency made it a gourmet hit in Australia.

Stock Yards

stockyyard tri tip

The Pollack family created Stock Yards in 1893, and it has been delivering high-quality, premium meats for almost 125 years. The original business started out as a retail butcher shop that specialized in delivering beef to restaurants, hotels, and neighborhood clubs. They gained notoriety in 1955 when they became the first firm to sell steaks via mail.

Beef, hog, lamb, shellfish, burgers, and hot dogs are among the high-quality, certified meats available at Stock Yards. They use both wet and dry aging techniques. Dry aging beef removes moisture and improves taste by allowing it to rest in a temperature-controlled environment. USDA Prime, USDA Choice, and Certified Angus Beef brands are available at Stock Yards.

Wanderer Barley

wanderer brisket

Wanderer Barley are renowned for providing a rich, juicy eating experience, bringing outstanding marbling and softness to discriminating food lovers all around the globe. All of this has been accomplished without the use of extensive feedlots. 

Wandering cattle are allowed to walk freely in paddocks and have access to barley thanks to an ingenious mobile feeding device. Year-round excellence and consistency in marbling and tenderness are achieved because of their unique contemporary farming style. Enjoy the rich flavor of barley-fed beef while knowing that it was raised in a natural, free-range setting.

Bass Strait

bass strait porterhouse

Bass Strait Beef cattle are grown in peace on natural rye grasses and clover. Cattle for this brand are supplied from the top beef-producing areas of southern Australia, including Gippsland, Western Victoria, the Limestone Coast, King Island, Tasmania, and Flinders Island.

The Bass Strait shoreline provides the ideal conditions for growing delicate grass-fed cattle. Drenching rain, warm sun, sea breezes, native rye grasses, and clover all combine to produce the ideal habitat for cattle to graze in. Bass Strait Beef is 100 percent grass-fed, free range, and reared without the use of hormones or antibiotics, resulting in a flavor as pure as the breezes of Bass Strait.


You don’t have to be a brisket specialist to make the perfect brisket. However, without a great brisket, it is rather simple to go wrong and wind up with a scorched or damaged brisket. That’s why most people are horrified when they see this big hunk of beef being smoked!

Knowing the fundamentals of preparation, temperatures, timing, and fuel type may make all the difference in doing it right the first time. So gather your supplies and utensils and attempt to become a brisket pro. We hope this post has been helpful. Now get to cooking!

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