How To Make Beer Can Burgers

Good morning, everyone! Last night’s supper consisted of beer can burgers.

I began with 1.13 kgs of 80/20 that I bought from a butcher online shop. Added Worsy and soy sauce along with one egg, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. And then split it into four balls and shaped them to fit around a tiny metal bowl. After that, it was stuffed with red onion, poblano peppers, and cheddar cheese.
I just finished cleaning my Weber. Then, place these balls on the grate in the pan. It’s not a huge deal since you’re not going to be flipping them anyhow.
I rolled it at about 325 with charcoal and a hickory chunk till it reached 145.
It’s time to eat! These were monstrous burgers!

Now you know how to make the most indulgent and most creative beer can burger from the comforts of your home, you don’t need to go and search for the perfect burger joint in Melbourne! 

beer bacon burger - raw or uncooked
bacon wrapped beer can burgers - cooked
rolled beef can burger - uncooked or raw
can burgers w egg- uncooked or raw
bacon burger - cooked

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