The Meat-Inn Place

The Meat-Inn Place are a Melbourne-based Low and Slow Butcher shop providing trending meats such as Briskets, Baby back ribs, Tri tip steaks and a large array of smoker cooked American-style BBQ meats, grills and accessories. As well as having generational experience and a local following, this butcher shop was voted Melbourne's best butcher by the Herald Sun. The Meat-Inn Place has grown every year since beginning in Lilydale, in Melbourne's eastern suburbs and now delivering all over Melbourne.

low and slow barbeque - the ultimate low n slow buyers guide

The Ultimate Low n Slow Buyers Guide

The Ultimate Low n Slow Buyers Guide Low and slow barbecuing is becoming more popular in Australia, and for a good reason. Given enough time and the proper method, inexpensive and intricate cuts of beef may be transformed into soft, juicy, flavorful marvels. Low and slow barbecuing developed in the United States; smoking meat preserves …

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