Free Range Boston Butt


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Half – approx. weight  2.0kg
Whole – approx. weight 4.0kg

Perfect for slow cooking a boston butt cut of pork is a popular choice for stews, slow cooking and can be barbecued.


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We stock many brands of  Free range boston butts.  When you order you will either receive, Bororowdale, Corowa, Gooralie or St Bernards.  You may requset a brand and we will do our best to fulfil request but that is not guaranteed.

Pork Boston Butt

Everybody loves a Boston pork butt!! This pork butt is carved from the shoulder and has the ideal fibrous texture for oven or Barbecue slow cooking. It offers consistently moist, succulent results because it is only chosen from our highest quality pork. Think pulled pork, think slow cooker, awesome smoked and great in the oven.

What is Pork Butt?

The upper arm, shoulder, and neck of the pig are all included in the pork butt. This pig cut has a good bit of connective tissue and is relatively tough. The ham—whether cooked fresh, cured, or smoked—comes from the part of the pig we may think of as the literal “butt,” the large muscle at the top of the leg. Ham is made up primarily of the thigh and gluteus maximus, which explains why it is so meaty.

Cooking Boston Butt

Both pork butt and pork shoulder pieces are good candidates to be barbecued, braised, or used as stew meat, as well as being roasted or cooked in slow cookers. They both benefit from extended, slow cooking. Because they themselves have a strong flavour, they also tolerate strong flavours well (think of barbeque sauce or chillies).

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