Chicken Ribs


Chicken ribs offer a similar flavour profile to pork ribs but significantly fewer calories and fat.

Available in Plain, Smoked BBQ, Herb Chilli & Garlic, Buffalo flavours.

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Chicken Ribs

Chicken spare ribs are theĀ scapula bones with a better per pound meat ratio than wings or drumettes. Chicken ribs are leaner and have a milder flavour, with a slightly firmer texture. These appetizers are a tasty addition to a meal and are easy to make using your favourite dry rubs, marinades, and barbecue sauces.

Chicken Ribs contain less fat

Chicken Ribs offer all the flavour of pork ribs but with 75 percent less fat and calories! It is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to keep a healthy diet without compromising taste. These chicken ribs are available in Plain, Smoked BBQ, Herb Chilli & Garlic, and Buffalo flavours. Eat this with an ice-cold bottle of beer and you’re ready for Sports night!

Per Kilo

250 grams, 500 grams, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg

Chicken Ribs

Buffalo, Herb Chilli & Garlic, Plain, Smoked BBQ