American BBQ Class 101 – 2nd June 2024


Wanting to perfect your BBQ skills?

Spend 6hrs Learning all the tips and tricks to Master

Low and Slow BBQ at home!


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Low n Slow BBQ class – THIS WILL SELL OUT
When: Sunday 2nd June 2024
Time: 10am-4pm approx
Where: Meat Inn Place HQ – LILYDALE
What we cover:
Our Masterclass offers participants the opportunity to learn from an experienced Pitmaster, Ross Walker of Firehouse Barbecue about how to cook great low ‘n’ slow barbecue including Pork belly Burnt Ends, Wagyu Brisket, Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork, Reversed Tomahawk steak, Freshly Cured Bacon, Gyros lamb and chicken on the jumbuck mini spit Plus more!
We cover the entire process to teach participants about:
1)      Types of BBQ’s/Smokers
2)      Fuel and Fire Management
3)      Meat Selection
4)      Rubs and Sauces
5)      Trimming and prep work
6)      Wrapping, boating and resting your meat
7)      Essential BBQ equipment
8)      Top tips for great barbecue and common mistakes
There are a heap of different smokers in the market, which is why we cook on the most common including Weber Kettles, Ceramic Eggs, Pellet Smokers and Offset and bullet.
All the tasty, juicy meats cooked during the class will be consumed by participants throughout the day!
Limited participants to each class so everyone can get involved, ask questions and be immersed in the barbecue experience.
Chilled soft drink and water provided.  Please Bring NOTE PAD & PEN
*organiser can cancel or change date if class is cancelled full refund if the date is changed credit will be moved to new date.  If the class cancelled is beyond organiser control there will be refund less a $25 administration fee.  There is no refund or credit given for no shows, if participant gives a minimum of 14 business days notice that they cannot attend a 100% store/class credit will be given, if less then 14 days notice no refund/credit etc