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Pet Mince


Approximately 1kg bag beef Pet Mince

Price does not include GST.

Pet Mince

A mince prepared just for your pet to eat.
Combine with rice, vegetables, or anything else you think could be tasty. Let your pet have a healthy diet just like they would in the wild. Our pet mince comes in approximately 1kg bags.

Treat Your Pet to our Quality Pet Mince

We all go to great lengths to care for our dogs and pets, and The Meat-Inn Place is no different! We provide your pets with the flavours they want because of this. You can treat your devoted companion to a dinner that they will adore, including our selection of pet mince or luscious bones for your canines to chew.

Beef Pet Mince

Our pet mince is made from real beef, perfect nutrition for your pet.

Not for human consumption

Raw pet food 

Raw & preservative free.